2012 Global Leadership Symposium


May 21, 2012


Welcome - Susan Gunderson



May 21, 2012


TPM: The Spanish Model - Marti Manyalich, MD, PhD


Donation Models - United States - Howard M. Nathan


Organ Allocation in the US - Thomas Mone and John Abrams


Principles of Organ Allocation and Cooperation within Eurotransplant - Axel Rahmel


Donorland Overview - Susan Gunderson


Aikido Planning - Jim Rice


Japan's Effort to Improve Organ Donation - Juntaro Ashikari, MS


Australia's efforts to improve donation - Yael Cass


Croatia's Efforts to Improve Donation - Mirela Busic, MD


Organ and Tissue Donation in Brazil - Eduardo Rocha, MD, PhD


Towards a National OTDT System in Canada - Kim Young



May 22, 2012


Transplant Tourism - Francis L. Delmonico, MD


Legal Principles and Variations in Donation Systems - Alexandra K. Glazier, JD, MPH


Family Authorization and Donor Registry Models - Howard M. Nathan


Financing of Organ Donation and Transplantation - Guenter Kirste, MD


Funding, Budgeting and Managing the Finances of Donation - Thomas Mone



May 23, 2012


Organ Donation: 8 Principles of Success - Thomas Mone


Performance Excellence - Dean F. Kappel


Organ Donation European Quality System (ODEQUS) - Martí Manyalich, MD, PhD


Leaders Matter - Jim Rice



May 24, 2012


Team A - Avengers


Team D - Team Bond


Team F - AAA


Team H - Organs Rain


Team I - Team LIFE


Team J - Life Is Better


Team L - Da Link



Breakout Sessions


OneLegacy Simulation Center







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