If your loved one's donation was facilitated by OneLegacy in one of the following counties: Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside, Orange, Ventura, Santa Barbara, or Kern county and you would like to request an update on your loved one's donation, please provide the following information in the fields below:

Please be aware that when someone dies and becomes a tissue donor (skin, bone, heart valves, veins, and/or corneas), the quality assurance process is much longer. Many things can happen along the quality assurance process (testing, medical record review, evaluation of the tissue measurements), and that tissue cannot be transplanted. If it is transplanted, most transplants won't start taking place until at least 12 months after donation. For this reason, tissue medical updates can NOT be processed until a year after the donor's death.

Disclaimer: This information can only be requested by and released to the legal next of kin (LNOK) or authorizing or acknowledging party (AP) of the donor. If a request is made by anyone else, OneLegacy will contact the LNOK or AP to verify if their permission is given to provide an update to any person who is not the LNOK/AP.

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OneLegacy only covers Southern California, and therefore, we only have federal authorization to provide donation updates for donations that occurred in the following counties: Los Angeles, Kern, Santa Barbara, Ventura, Orange, San Bernardino, and Riverside.


If the donation occurred elsewhere, please go here to find your OPO (organ Procurement Organization) that covers your state and location, and send a note to their Family Services Aftercare Department for further help.

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By clicking this box, I am indicating that I have enough support in my life, and I am prepared for both favorable and less than favorable news in regards to my loved one's donation. I also understand OneLegacy Donor Family Aftercare is available to counsel me through these reactions if I request their support via familycare@onelegacy.org or 800-423-7220.

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