Fields of Gold Donor Remembrance Ceremonies


In late February and March, OneLegacy hosts Donor Remembrance Ceremonies to honor the donors and the families of those who made the decision to donate life. These inspirational events, themed "Fields of Gold" after Sting's song of remembrance, are laden with heartfelt emotion as loved ones are remembered for their generosity in both life and, however untimely, death.


Donor families are invited to attend one ceremony, after which they are welcome to participate in various Donate Life community events. Annual events are held at various locations throughout our service area.


We as a society are fortunate that these families have given so generously at such a difficult time. A single organ donor can save the lives and families of up to seven others facing dire illness, while a tissue donor can dramatically improve the quality of life of up to 50 people suffering from burns, heart problems, bone, spinal and dental defects, and traumatic injury. Their gifts are truly gifts of life.


Attendance at the ceremony is by invitation only. The ceremonies feature heartfelt testimonies from transplant recipients, meaningful musical performances, a video presentation featuring photos and words of inspiration submitted by donor families and a presentation of Life Bridges Pins & Pendants to families in attendance.






24-Hour Organ/Tissue Donor Referral Line - (800) 338 6112